— Ben Schusterbauer. Photographer. Professional Traveler.

These three phrases represent what travel photography is all about for me.

I am a traveler and photographer based in Austria.
Traveling 180 days a year all over the map entitles me to call myself a Professional Traveler. I have been to over 90 countries on 5 continents so far. Still, there are much more stunning places and things to explore.

Often, I only stay for a few days in a region, so the weather, local conditions and sometimes even political tensions can affect my ability to capture the moment. To make the most of these opportunities, I travel with a light, but good quality camera. This allows me to get off the beaten track, meet local people and experience the world exactly as it is. This balance between equipment and flexibility enables me to have many of the encounters I have captured here.

I am contributing to several news and stock agencies in Europe and North America. Customers usually use my images in newspapers, magazines and travel guides, or to enrich their websites and social media channels.
If you want to get more information or you want me to collaborate in your project, please feel free to contact me.